February 28, 2006


hot tip from a broadmark/hagen berman teammates. links!
Big index of healthy foods, tons of info for all of them and recipes to match,1538,FO,00.html
Another nice database of foods with info, a bit more general but provides nice little snapshots of why you should eat a particular food.,1455,,00.html
same site, here they are some nice recipes

Will, rider at Tiaa-Cref
Nice set of links at the bottom of page.
Commentary on food
Massive index of links to other more specific types of food and stores.
General reference website, has good info on various varieties of items like say winter squash.
Interesting facts and reference on food.
a blog like website, sometimes has interesting links, generally not health oriented though.
Have a nice line of natural products, request a free catalogue and get some samples of their gourmet salt.

February 25, 2006

better eating = better performing

Athletes Diet: The triathletes who ate nearly twice as much, yet gained no weight, and improved their performance times by 8 per cent.

Most athletes say they are aware of the importance of good nutrition, but when they sit down to eat, their patterns of food intake are often considerably less than optimal. One key problem is that athletes often take in less energy than they really need to support strenuous training. Another is that they simply don't ingest enough carbohydrate.

dietary resources

a few good resources for starting out:

there are lots of places to get nutrition data, but this site is the best organised and most powerful. they don't have the whole wheat pastry flour that i typically use to back but you can enter that data and use it in your "pantry" to put into recipes. a great tool.

hammer nutrition's resource page

these guys know quality and they know the science. up to date advice based on the latest peer reviewed science. i also use their protein powders frequently in my cooking.