October 2, 2006


fall is here, which means the arrival of squash! squash are a great vegetable as they store easily for long periods of time, can be cooked an a variety of ways in any number of dishes and are packed with vitamins (1 C of butternut squash has 300% RDA of vitamin A and 50% RDA of vitamin C!).

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March 24, 2006


check out this turkey bacon as a great option to regular pig bacon. tastes good, low fat and stores well. peppered and regular. available at your local coop or corporate store.


growing up, both my parents cooked tofu. we thought it was very strange and we hated it, although i'm not sure we ever actually ate it. now, i love it. tofu is great for the busy endurance athlete because it is cheap, keeps well (several weeks in the fridge) and packs a complete protein that meat sources don't.

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March 15, 2006

cheese is the enemy...

cheese is frequently touted as a great protein source. yeah, it has good protein (being the source of whey), but it typically has even more bad fats. a tragedy really, cause cheese is good. brie. yum. bleu. ah yeah.

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