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fall is here, which means the arrival of squash! squash are a great vegetable as they store easily for long periods of time, can be cooked an a variety of ways in any number of dishes and are packed with vitamins (1 C of butternut squash has 300% RDA of vitamin A and 50% RDA of vitamin C!).

i like butternut squash because it is easy to peal and has a relatively small cavity of seeds. it also has a mellow but full flavor.

i suggest cubing your squash into 1 inch squares and dropping into a stew or curry (cook about 20-25 minutes) or baking before dropping into a broth for a soup. squash makes a great base for soups as it adds body and creaminess without the typical fat that accompanies cream. baked pieces of squash can also be mashed and whipped with spices to make an alternative to mashed potatoes.


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