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weight loss

good god there are a lot of articles out there about how to lose weight.

bottomline: eat a balanced diet of 20-25% (good) fat, 60% (good) carbohydrate and 15-20% protein (depending on your activity levels, 15% for normal daily activity); expend more than you eat; and don't try to lose more than a pound a week.

does a pound a week sound like not very much? consider that it took you a lot longer than a week to put on each of those pounds. its gonna take time and patience to get them off. if you rush it you really risk making it all for naught.

since weight loss is about caloric deficits at the most fundamental level you need to consider a diet that will allow you to run caloric deficits while also maintaining energy levels. consider lower fat (but not less than 15% total calories) but don't just replace those fat calories with carbohydrate or protein.

endurance athletes need to consider the point in the season at which they're trying to lose weight; during the season it is very difficult. i usually let my weight loss come naturally at that point. the problem is that your body needs adequate nutrition to recover. start taking away calories and you really risk compromising your recovery and therefore your performance. one huge mistake riders make is trying to lose weight on the bike. don't hold back on eating on the bike (or run) for two reasons:

  1. you will reduce the calories available to your body when it needs them most. your exercise intensity and therefore caloric burn will suffer and you will burn fewer calories.
  2. you will likely be very hungry after your exercise session and be highly prone to overeating.
  3. check out these articles to for tricks and tips. it gets redundant but you'll start to see how you can incorporate the ideas into your life and get good results. check the bottom for my top 5 tips, gleaned from the articles.


    Boost Your Metabolism

    Weight Management Lifestyle Improves Health & Fitness - January 2006 (pdf)

    What 24 "Helpful Hints" increase lean muscle mass and lose extra body fat weight?

    my tips

    1. eat often, for a variety of reasons. eat every three hours, just enough to be full and hungry again in three hours but not so much that you're overfull or not ready to eat in three hours
    2. eat a good balance. don't cut out fat entirely and don't cut out carbs. focus on good fats and good carbs.
    3. avoid sugars between meals! this changes your metabolism and can defeat your balanced diet
    4. exercise more. exercise twice a day if you can. this elevates your metabolism for several hours post exercise. doing it twice a day keeps that metabolism high all the time.
    5. don't cut down on calories during exercise but rather in other meals.


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