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tofu scramble

for this recipe, i used exra firm tofu from whole foods. i haven't compared other types of tofu. seems to work well.

  • cut into 1/2 inch rounds about 400g of yam and then quarter those. boil until soft and then drain.
  • mash up 4 servings of extra firm tofu (about 320 g of mine) in a large pan and heat on low-medium (get it to sizzle a bit
  • add 1/2 cup or so diced onions and as much garlic as you like. i did 3 cloves
  • rinse and cut the stems out of a bunch of collards. cut stems to edible portions and add to tofu
  • spice up that tofu. i suggest paprika, curry, cayenne, red chili flakes, black pepper, oregano or anything you'd put in eggs.
  • mix, stir, cook until onions are soft.
  • cut collard leaves into edible portions and add to tofu along with boiled yams.
  • cook until collards are just soft enough to eat (don't over cook)
  • serve with two pieces of plain toast
  • consider serving with a hot sauce of your choice

this recipe makes four 401 calorie servings:

  • 7g fat, 16%;

  • 67 gram net carb, 67%;

  • 10g fiber

  • 18g protein, 18% (12g soy protein)

quite low in fat. "normal" people, looking to follow the AHA diet, could use some olive oil to saute the onions first. for big endurance days, athletes might consider the same. good way to start the day in any case.

good additions: tomatoes, any potato substitution, perhaps cereal instead of toast? check it out.


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The other night I also used Tofu. I made a nice Tofu/Sweet Potato burrito. The addition of the sweet potato was extremely easy, I just threw it in the oven for 35 min. meanwhile I soaked the tofu in a bit of soy sauce and salsa mixture. Meanwhile sautéing up some onions in vegetable stock (compare to oil/butter, and turns out equally as good). Eventually combining the tofu and sweet potato (once done in oven, cubed and skinned) with the onion to sear up a bit. That combined with some long-grain basmati rice, frozen organic sweet corn and 98% fat free organic corn tortilla made for a nice dinner.

Last night I did a smoked salmon, spinach frittata. Using 2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites, with sweet onion, and Italian parsley. It turned out nice.

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