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growing up, both my parents cooked tofu. we thought it was very strange and we hated it, although i'm not sure we ever actually ate it. now, i love it. tofu is great for the busy endurance athlete because it is cheap, keeps well (several weeks in the fridge) and packs a complete protein that meat sources don't.

it isn't always a lean protein, per se, but the fats it packs are "good" fats, coming from soy beans.

on its own tofu is rather bland, which is probably why it get a bad rap. use it in flavorful dishes and it will pick up those flavors. you can also marinate it. the key to marinating tofu is to press the water out of it. it is essentially a sponge so after you do that, it will suck up any liquids you marinate it will. to press it i take the block and put it on a plate and invert another plate over it. find something good wide and heavy and set it on top for 20 or more minutes. drain the water and add your marinate. experiment with methods and let me know what you find.

some folks don't like the tofu texture so try the different kinds. they're all good for different things.


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