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stir fry

stirfries are a great way to get vegetables in your diet. easy to cook relatively inexpensive and oh so tasty. just about anything can go in a stir fry.

can't really give a recipe for stir fry, but rather only suggestions.

first off, use sesame oil or peanut oil. the high heat of stirfrying will burn most fats (which i guess causes them to become potentially carcinogenic). a wok (use coupon code C98835 for $10 off $75) works best but any big pan will work reasonably well for smaller amounts. cook over high med-heat and don't over cook your vegetables. the whole process should take less than 10-20 minutes. the key to this is to have everything chopped before hand and then to add them in the correct order. onions first, then garlic. broccoli next and then cabbage, snow peas, etc. the veggies should still be crisp. it can take a while to get the timing figured out.

consider rice, rice noodles, stir fry noodles or even sweet potatoes as your major carbohydrate source. stir fry noodles come prepackaged and ready to go. they can be a little on the fatty side, so pay attention. they're convenient though. i like plain old rice noodles as well. quick and easy to prepare.

chicken, pork, beef or tofu all work great as proteins but pay attention cause you can easily make a stif fry and get all your protein from the vegetables and noodles! it probably won't be complete but just be mindful over the next day or so to complete it. plug your vegetables into the recipe analysis at nutritiondata.com to see how it stacks up.

ingredient suggestions (comment with your own):

  • cabbage
  • broccoli
  • waterchestnuts (from a can)
  • baby corn (from a can)
  • bamboo shoots (from a can)
  • garbanzo beans
  • black beans
  • edamame
  • carrots
  • mushrooms (especially shitake, which you can find dried)

consider soy sauce and rice wine vinegar as flavorings in addition to the sesame oil. those make good marinades for your meat as well.


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