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pleasure chili

ah yeah, a pleasure cooking classic. quick, easy all from cans!

  • in a large pot, heat 2 Ts oil of your choice
  • chop a good sized onion and saute in oil for 10 or so minutes, until becoming soft and transparent
  • add 250g 7% fat ground beef or ground turkey breast and stir around, browning
  • add crushed or minced garlic, 1 Ts ground cumin and 1 Ts chilli powder
  • after spices become fragrant, add 2 14 oz cans (drained) black or red kidney beans and 2 14 oz (or one 28 oz) cans of dice or stewed tomatoes
  • mix it all up and let it simmer, salt to taste
  • cook 2 cups rice
  • mix it all up when its all done and eat, saving some for left overs

makes six 467 calorie servings.

  • fat: 8g, 16%
  • net carbs: 85g, 64%
  • fiber: 10g
  • protein: 24g, 20%

leaves room for a little fat in the desert. gotta like that.


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