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pizza pizza!

pizza can be both easy and healthy. this recipe in fact, comes in so low in fat, i simply had to add a cheese. lots of options, so experiment.

get a fresh pizza dough. i got mine from trader joe's. whole foods has a good one too, but not hte one near my house. not sure about our local coop. top with:

  • 3/4 C pasta sauce simmered with 1.5 Ts tomato paste (available in tubes rather than cans, how handy!) and minced garlic
  • 3 slices of turkey bacon, minced and then cooked
  • thinly sliced red onion (100g)
  • thinly sliced red bell pepper (130g)

when the pizza is nearly done (about 10 minutes or so, according to the package), top with:

  • a nice fist full of spinach, chopped (or you may prefer to have a spinach salad on the side)
  • 50g (2oz) of goat cheese in small dollops (or wait and sprinkle some parmasean)

makes three 438 calorie servings:

  • fat: 10g, 20%
  • net carbs: 78g, 61%
  • fiber: 11g
  • protein: 21g, 19%

variations: skip the bacon to lose 5g of protein and make it 17% and up the net carb calories to 64%; add vegetables by making a salad with more spinach;

other topping suggestions:

  • sundried tomatoes (perhaps replacing the fat in the cheese)
  • artichoke hearts (replacing the fat in the cheese)
  • mushrooms (100g portabello or crimini has 3g protein and no fat, so a good replacement for the bacon)
  • chopped kalamata olives (cheese replacement)


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