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i'd always thought that i ate a good, well balanced diet. i was short on vegetables, but otherwise i was ok. but after a year of hard training and racing i didn't lose a whole lot of weight and i thought that was strange. so i decided to start quantifying what i was eating. balance is not the word to describe what i was eating. my instincts gave me far too much protein and also a bit too much fat. my carb intake as a percentage was then too low to spark the fire to burn that excessive fat and the extra protein was probably wreaking havoc on key systems.

so, i started researching and rebuilding my recipes. the results of that effort are here. the recipes focus on being easy for working athletes, balanced (according to what i have learned) and tasty.

since changing my diet my girlfriend and i have more energy and are losing moderate amounts of fat.

the entries are broken down into categories. start off by hitting up the basic information to get an idea of where this is all based. after that, look at some of the links i've provided. next, hit up the recipes. there's an excel spreadsheet that i use. download it and see if it helps you. if you have comments or improvements, feel free to leave them as comments.


disclaimer: before changing your diet or embarking on a weightloss program, it is recommended that you consult your physician.


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