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ah yeah, i love hashbrowns. quick, easy.

  • chop up half a bunch of collards. separate the stems and put them in a pot with a scant bit of olive oil over low heat and let them steam (with the extra water from washing them)
  • grate 200g of potato (i used one about the size of my fist, 205g. squeeze the extra water out of the grated potato
  • dice or grate onion (or shallots)
  • mix onion and potato with salt and pepper to taste
  • mist a skillet with oil and add the potato and onion mixture, spreading out evenly. cook over low-ish heat, flipping at some point. i have no idea how long
  • when the potatos are about half way done, add the leaves of the collards to the stems
  • when it is all done, fix up 2 egg whites and one whole egg

have two medium sized bananas on the side w/ a bit of peanut butter. serve it up and enjoy! collards probably need some salt

makes one 379 calorie serving

  • fat: 5g, 12%
  • net carbs: 61g, 64%
  • fiber: 15g
  • protein: 23g, 24%

variations: reduce the number of egg whites for lower protein days.


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