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man, i love cereal. fast and easy. my favorite.

kashi nuggets: basically like grape nuts. good stuff. lots of whole grain goodness and all that.

kashi go lean: packed with soy protein. only $2.50 at whole foods. 8 solid servings for that price. ah yeah. throw a banana or some raisins in with milk and toast and you have a good solid breakfast. perfect for hotel rooms...

muesli: i have a recipe to make it at home at a fraction the cost (see the extended entry). basically an alternative to oatmeal. an acquired taste.

kashi nuggets: 1/2 C kashi nuggets and 1/4 C nonfat milk, 222 calories, 6% fat, 78% net carbs, 16% protein (9g). add 1 english muffin, 1 banana and 1 Ts peanut butter: 493 calories, 18% fat, 65% net carbs, 16% protein (20g).

kashi go lean: 3/4 C kashi go lean, 1/3 C nonfat milk: 130 calories: 5% fat, 57% net carbs, 37% (12g) protein; add 1 english muffin, 2 bananas and 1 Ts peanut butter: 460 calories: 18% fat, 61% net carbs, 21% (24g) protein.

homemade muesli: 1.5 parts four or seven grain cereal (find it in your bulk foods section) 1 parts slivered almonds (toast them when you get home) and 1 parts date pieces. mix it up.

1 C with 1 C milk: 488 calories, 19% fat, 63% net carbs 18% (22g) protein. add 1 piece of toast with 1 egg white and one whole egg for 674 calories: 22% fat, 57% net carbs 21% (35g) protein.


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