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beans for breakfast

i love beans. especially because they come in a can and can be purchased quite inexpensively. of course beans prepared from their dry state taste better, but that isn't the issue. we want fast and easy.

  • dice and saute in 1 Tbs of olive oil 1/2 cup onion.
  • drain and rinse 1 15oz can of black (or kidney or pinto) beans
  • after about 5 minutes, add:
    • a clove or two of diced or pressed garlic
    • 1 Tbsp of cumin (i never actually measure)
    • a bay leaf (not critical)
  • let this saute for a minute or so longer and add rinsed beans and 1 14 oz can of tomatoes
  • cover and simmer over low heat. if there's a lot of water from the tomatos, don't cover
  • on the side (do for each serving):
    • fry one egg white and one whole egg
    • toast 1 english muffin (or two pieces of toast)

the beans and tomatos make two servings, so split it and save half for your lunch or tomorrow's breakfast or your post ride meal. i like the eggs on top of my beans and the toast underneath it all. salsa is good too. especially búfalo.

calories: 412:

  • 9 g (20%) fat

  • 74g (55%) net carb; 17 grams fiber

  • 25g (24%) protein

this recipe is reasonably lowfat. the olive oil adds 40 calories! potent stuff! taking the whole egg and replacing it with 1 egg white gets you down to 359 calories with 11% fat, 63% net carb and 26% protein. just depends on your needs: on days of long training, you might be burning up to 30% calories from fat. rest weeks and interval days have much lower fat requirements (but protein should stay up).

i'm not sure how complete this protein is. 14g are from beans, 6 from wheat and tomatos which when combined is complete. but what ratio is required to be complete? adding a vegetable protein would be ideal. collards is a good idea.


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I read something the other day about grape seed oil. It starts smoking at a higher temperature than olive oil, making sauteeing more pleasant than it already is. It is even healthier in the fat department than olive oil and has a lighter taste.I'll leave the technical research to you! I don't know how expensive it is. I plan to try it soon. Mom

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