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ultimate pet mortal combat smackdown grudge-match challenge: cats elimination round 1

cats elimination round 1: Leo vs Pazza

pazza, winner of her round back in cats round 1 is matched up with leo, runner up to seabass in round 2.  leo seems to be at a disadvantage, having few regular readers as natural alies.  (do i have any regular readers anymore?)


pazza, aka "pazza hotpants" or "pazza indecent exposure". although living in pulman has likely stunted her personal and intellectual growth, she retains some refined qualities. his lack of exposure to much of life beyond the dull surrounds (and just plain crapinesss) of pullman could be a hindrance, certainly her knack for keg stands in the corn fields will help in her match-up with leo (if leo doesn't charm her first, i've heard she's easy).


ostensibly a guard cat at a bike shop in austin, leo is also a former winner of worlds and paris-roubaix and is very popular with the ladies (and always drinks 53X11 coffee).  i heard that he even once spent the night in his litter box just 'cause. 'nuf said