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ultimate pet mortal combat smackdown grudge-match challenge: dogs final

i'm sure it seems like ages since the dogs semi-finals.  well, it has been two weeks, which to my loyal following, probably IS a long time.  well, worry not, dogs finals is here.

while jack cruised to victory, otto barely bested a resurgent sadie.  in those match-ups, both garnered over 40 votes, which puts them neck and neck for this competition. 

so, vote early, but not often. and stay tuned for the cats elimination rounds.


ostensibly a guard dog, otto disdains confrontation.  he actually runs from his tail rather than chasing it.  he also suffers from "Ewing" bladder and is in constant need of a bathroom break, be it a christmas tree or a grass skirt (the issue of the skirt being occupied is not one that otto is concerned with).  however, he is an early riser and gets more done before noon than most of us in an entire day.  and he does not eat poop.


jack is a dog with strong convictions.  jack wants to go outside.  jack wants to go for a walk.  but jack doesn't want to walk very far.  sometimes, jack goes on a walk but decides that he doesn't want to walk anymore.  so jack doesn't wallk.  a former racer, jack has incredible athletic ability, but this ability is limited entirely to short bursts.  not a lot of stamina here.