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entries of late have been lacking, i know.  i started my new job and so i no longer have time during the work day to post entries.  and in the evening, well, i do have better things to do.  shockingly enough.

what do i do?  i sell voice and data connections for Eschelon Communications.  it's a great company and a great product, so i'm excited.  been on the job almost two weeks and actually doing quite well.

i sell all sorts of telephone and internet services.  everything from analog lines and dsl to full digital T-1's.

what is a dink?  it stands for Dual Income No Kids.  that's us. 


hey, good to see thatantonguy.com is in fulleffect. i remember when we had math 124 or something together at uw and there was this obnoxious, outspoken guy on the class email list. i showed it to a buddy in my pledge class, aaron, and he goes "that's my brother! anton!" god that was wierd. you racing yet? later, jimmy

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that anton guy

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