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ultimate pet mortal combat smackdown grudge-match challenge: dogs elimination round 2

so, jack took rudy von with ease.  poor rudy von.  this match-up pits group 1 runner-up sadie against group 2 winner otto.  otto brings a formidable machine to the competition.  can sadie muster up an effective get out the vote campaign? the winner faces jack to be grand master champion of dogs.


the sadist, sadovich, sexy sadie, poopface. these are all the nicknames of our third dog contestant. sponsored by Novartis, the makers of ritalin, sadie is one wild and crazy dog. potentially a great weakness, her hyperactivity can be channeled to charm unsuspecting humans who contact her for short periods of time. the sadist also suffers from a poop-eating affliction, prefering the delicate flavors of kitten with a light litter crust (penko poop). she has also been known to snort kitty litter as well as pack it into her gums for a long slow fix.


ostensibly a guard dog, otto disdains confrontation.  he actually runs from his tail rather than chasing it.  he also suffers from "Ewing" bladder and is in constant need of a bathroom break, be it a christmas tree or a grass skirt (the issue of the skirt being occupied is not one that otto is concerned with).  however, he is an early riser and gets more done before noon than most of us in an entire day.  and he does not eat poop.

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